Kevin Cameron spent 9 years in Seattle performing periodically as a solo artist under the name “Silver Treason”, he’d taken up the pseudonym after a quick internet search revealed a country singer in Northern California named Kevin Cameron. His friends’ band Burns Like Hellfire asked him to open a show for them in Spokane. A few months after that show he ended up moving back to his hometown of Spokane and continued solo performances until BLH guitarist Jamie Frost (also lead guitarist for The Makers - Estrus, KillRockStars, Sub Pop) asked if he could add some pedal steel guitar to the songs. Frost had recently taken up the instrument and was eager to play it. The pair played a couple of shows as a duet and were later joined by Frost’s former Burns Like Hellfire bandmates drummer Cameron Smith, and bass player Brian Young. Young later left the band to form Cursive Wires and was replaced by fellow Burns Like Hellfire alumni Bill Barrington. 

When Kevin’s mother was a teenager she attended Marycliff, the parish (free) Catholic girls school in Spokane.  All of her friends attended Holy Names Academy, the private Catholic girls school.  She desperately wanted to go to Holy Names - in part to be with her friends and in part because Holy Names held social functions like dances and hayrides with Gonzaga Prep, the then all-boys Catholic school. Unfortunately the family couldn’t afford the tuition.  One day she was at the horse races at Playfair Race Course with her father when he said to her, “You pick a horse for me to bet on for the final race of the day and if it wins, we’ll split the money.” She picked a horse, the horse won the race, it paid $250, and she paid one year’s tuition ($100) to Holy Names Academy with her half of the winnings. 

The horse’s name was Silver Treason.